43 AWG Plain Enamel

438,00654,00 TAX excluded

The mid 1950’s would see the invention and rise in popularity of the “dual coil” or “humbucking” style pickups.

Plain Enamel was used in a majority of these pickups and could be identified by its dark black color.
Because Plain Enamel magnet wire was typically manufactured with a thin coat of insulation, now known as “single build”, more turns could be added to the coils to enhance pickup coil performance.


Solderable enamelled copper wire

Applications: Guitar pickups, coils, …

Conductor nominal Diameter: AWG 43 / 0,056 mm

Conductor section: 0,002463 mmq

Kg/Km conversion: 1 / 43,36



43 AWG Plain Enamel

Additional information

Weight N/A

AWG 43, MM 0,056

Spool weight KG

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