What is magnet wire?

Magnet wire is copper wire with a thin layer of insulation, and is used in a variety of applications including transformers, wound coils, motors, solenoids, and instruments. Raw copper is drawn to meet specific size requirements based on the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA) standards.

What does AWG mean?

AWG – or American Wire Gauge – is a standardized sizing system for electrically conducting wire. Increasing gauge numbers represent a decrease in wire diameter.

What is the difference between P155, plain enamel, and heavy formvar enamel coatings?

Magnet wire is bare copper wire coated with insulation to prevent shorting of wound coils. The insulation comes in various thicknesses based on the need of the product being wound. P155 is a standard of insulation to further protect the wire from shorting out. Plain enamel and heavy formvar insulations are used mainly for the guitar pickup industry, and closely resemble the enamel coating used in vintage instruments.

What is the temperature class of the wire?

The temperature class of magnet wire can range from 105°C to 240°C. Each temperature rating is suited to certain applications, with 155°C and 200°C being the most common.

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